Lyle's Organic Rhubarb Vodka

Rhubarb with a kick - but surprisingly mellow

We think it is best served by itself chilled and over ice, but it also lends it self to making a very interesting Champagne Cocktail as well.

We have been farming near the shores of Loch Ness since 1992, and made the move to organic farming in 2000, planting our first rhubarb plants in 2001.

The idea for rhubarb vodka came 2 years later. We were making small batches to give as gifts and then started getting special requests to make more.

We only use our own farm grown stock to make the rhubarb vodka. The skill comes in picking the rhubarb at just the right time. There is no easy method of harvesting rhubarb as it is all picked by hand!

We don't use any fruit concentrates, colour enhancers or artificial sweetners.


Try our delicious cocktail recipies

Moscow Mule with a Kick

2 parts Lyle's Organic Rhubarb Vodka
1 part Crabbie's Ginger Wine
Squeeze of lime juice

Can be made long or short whatever your preference. Mix spirts and lime together, lime round glass if you feel inclined. Top with Canadian Dry Ginger Ale.

Pink Fizz Cocktail

A single measure of well chilled Lyle's Organic Rhubarb Vodka, topped with well chilled champagne.

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About Lyle Organics

Organic Farming Near Loch Ness

Lyle Organics is a small family-owned organic farm established in 1992 near the shores of Loch Ness. We made the move to organic farming in 2000, planting our first rhubarb plants in 2001.

The farm is situated in East Kindrummond, Inverness and consists of over 600 acres - which is home to a flock of sheep, 80 cows, a few acres of cereals 'milling oats' and of course a few acres of rhubarb and some Prunus Spinosa as we also make produce Sloe Gin.

The sloes are picked from the Prunus Spinosa that are on the farm, another labour of love. Lyle Organics Sloe Gin uses a high fruit content with no concentrates, colour enhancers or artificial sweetners.

In 2005 we then began selling our Rhubarb Vodka commercially.

We have been at RockNess in the VIP arena for the last few years and more recently you can find us on the shelves in Edinburgh and Urquhart Castles, as well as in a few farm shops and a deli chain that has outlets in Edinburgh, Glasgow and York.

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